Our Mission

Care about everyone and everything.

At Wynn Resorts, our approach to sustainability is built on a core principle: care for our guests and our planet. This means providing award-winning service at our resorts worldwide, in a manner that respects communities, people, and our environment.

An Agent of Change.

"It is my responsibility to continuously examine our contribution to the sustainability of the global luxury hospitality industry. For us, sustainability is more than just finding efficiencies to the economic, environmental and social issues we face. It is about creating an open dialogue, learning from diverse perspectives, and changing with the times. Listening to the needs of our employees, investors, business partners and community partners was a vital part of this process. But ultimately it comes down to adding real value to the guest experience. As we move into the future, our guests’ expectations will continue to drive the creation of environmentally-friendly solutions unprecedented at our scale, adding new dimensions to five-star service."

– Matt Maddox, Wynn Resorts CEO

Our Sustainability Journey.

"Wynn Resorts' journey to leadership in the luxury hospitality industry is about guest experience and responsibility to the planet. The two are interdependent. The improvement of one is influenced by the improvement of the other. Our sustained future will thrive on the unconventional questions that we ask every day. In these questions we aim to inspire the business community, international organizations, political leaders, and communities, to face our shared world and ask, 'how can we help?'"

– Erik Hansen, Wynn Resorts Chief Sustainability Officer